Our world is experiencing an epidemic of loneliness unlike anything ever seen. Stats show that all people – even those in a local church – are experiencing a new level of loneliness due to the breakdown of relationships from the global pandemic.

The people of Israel experienced a similar catastrophe: they were exiled from their country. Eventually Israel was able to go back to their “normal life,” but it wasn’t the same. Haggai calls the people of Israel to the task of rebuilding the temple, the symbolic place where God’s presence resides. The New Testament tells us that the people of God are the temple of God. In this series, we will discover what rebuilding the temple of God – the Church – looks like in our daily lives and in the life of our local church. This study will help us understand what God wants for the people of God and help us lean into the work of biblical community. ‘Building God’s House’, our new summer series, begins at CVC on Sunday, June 26.