Current Message Series: Soul Care

We are told to make time for self care. So we exercise, try to eat right, enjoy a hobby, watch a baseball game. These things are all great, but how do we care for our soul? What is soul care?

The Bible is honest about our spiritual weakness and challenges us to live with strength. When our souls are lean, tired, thin, and exhausted, the only source of vitality is God himself. God knows this, so he has given us his Holy Spirit to revive and restore our souls when our souls become frail.

This series will look through the Psalms to see the possibility of a soul fully dependent on God. Apart from God, we can do nothing. But with God we can live lives of inner vitality that will impact the minds, bodies, and hearts of those in our community and throughout the world. Soul Care, a new teaching series at CVC, begins 5.2.21.