Infant Baptism

If baptism is for believers, then baptism is not for babies. Some Christians who believe in infant baptism look to passages about household baptisms in the Bible to justify their point. There’s just no evidence in the Bible anywhere that infants were baptized. I know that lots of churches encourage parents to have their infants baptized. Many outstanding Christians practice infant baptism. I think the intentions are good, but there is no place where the Bible clearly teaches infant baptism. When it comes to infant baptism, the practice is not in the Bible. There’s are certain churches that call sprinkling babies “baptism,” but there’s really no such thing as baby baptism. As you read your New Testament, you’ll see that it’s not there. There is not even a hint of such a thing. This raises a question. Why is it that in many religious traditions baptism happens right at the beginning of a person’s life? How did that get started? If you were raised in certain denominations, a tradition of baptizing babies was established that your parents perhaps followed. They didn’t follow that tradition because the Bible taught it, they just did what the leaders of the church said to do. In a lot of religious traditions, people treat the Bible with respect. They believe it’s true – but they never really read it. They aren’t encouraged to read the Bible, so, they just do what the leaders say to do without seeing what the Bible has to say. When you don’t read the Bible for yourself, you’ll just do what the church tells you to do.