Sharing Your Story

Some of you might be thinking about how we do baptisms at Cuyahoga Valley Church where we hear verbal or video testimonies from those being baptized, and you might be wondering, “What about this testimony thing? Do I have to do that?” Well, we want to help you make your story public. People can see your face and hear your voice. It’s one of the best ways to brag on what Jesus has done for you. It’s a great way for you to go public. Once you have put your faith in Christ, then we want to help you follow His example and command and make your faith public. You may say, “Well, my story is not that special. It’s just like everybody else’s.” Hundreds of people you’ll never meet will be encouraged. They will hear your story and they will think, “God is still changing lives. There He goes again. Isn’t God good? God is at work in the lives in people just like me.” And who knows? Maybe your story will be the story that will inspire someone to walk across the line of faith into the arms of Jesus. You don’t know how your story will impact others.