2021 Advent Tree

We are excited to bless people in Northeast Ohio and around the globe through our 2021 Advent Tree!
Our 2021 Advent Tree is supporting two main areas:
1. CVC Missions
2. CVC Youth Outreach

CVC Missions

We’re collecting monetary donations for our global, regional, and local ministry partners. You can donate online using a credit card, write a check, or give cash. You can find a list of the Missions here.

If you write a check, please make it payable to CVC and put the ministry name (Ex. Love & Hope Tuition) in the Memo line. If you’re giving cash, please put it in an envelope and write the name of the ministry on the envelope.

For more information about the various Missions you can support through this year’s Advent Tree, see below!

Click here to support CVC Missions!

CVC Youth Outreach

In 2021, 35 teenagers gave their life to Jesus at Frontlines summer camp! Praise God for His miraculous work! Because of the generosity of the members of CVC many of those students could attend camp at an affordable price. The money you donate to student outreach will remove the barriers that keep unchurched friends and family from attending retreats and camp.

Click here to support CVC Youth Outreach!


Ghana Medical Clinic
Money donated towards the Ghana medical clinic will be used to help families in need offset medical expenses and obtain medical insurance ($30 for a year), and assist towards Stage 3 of the hospital build (3 surgical suites & 2 patient rooms).

Love & Hope—Tuition
Education is one of the most valuable assets we can give a child. At Love and Hope each young person is matched with an educational environment that fits their individual learning style and cultivates an atmosphere of success. Your donation goes towards tuition, school supplies, uniforms, and all the other expenses directly related to the Love and Hope kids’ education.

Love & Hope—Christmas presents
The Christmas gift you are providing is one that will literally last all year. Your donation goes towards the monthly outings that the kids take every month. In 2022 we have lots of fun adventures planned. We will “reveal” the 2022 Outing destinations to the kids on Christmas morning as a special gift from the CVC family.

Appalachia Church Plant
CVC is helping plant a church in Beckley, WV to reach the people of Appalachia. All funds donated during the Advent season will go directly towards the overall operating budget to help this church become a viable gospel presence in the community that they serve.

International Friendships, True Freedom Ministries, Rahab Ministries, Youth For Christ, Cleveland Pregnancy Center, Emergency Assistance Center, Care on the Square, City Mission, Building Hope in the City.
These organizations are making a big difference in our communities by loving, serving and sharing the gospel with many. Any funds donated to the Big 10 ministry partners will be split equally among all of them.

CVCGO is a ministry that seeks to serve the vulnerable people within our church as well as within our community in real time. Many times, resources and materials are used (ie, paint, caulking, drywall, etc.) as we come alongside those we serve to meet their current needs. Those needs could be as simple as repairing a broken handrail to something more involved like basement flooding cleanup and a fresh coat of paint. Your donation will be used to help provide and replenish those tangible resources as needed so we can continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those we serve.