Marriage & Weddings

Congratulations on your decision to be married! The staff at Cuyahoga Valley Church anticipates celebrating with you and working together to make your wedding day one that glorifies God!

Planning a wedding is an exciting but sometimes stressful task. Our goal is to answer any questions you may have right “up front,” in order to make your wedding ceremony planning as stress-free as possible. We hope you’ll find the following policies and guidelines informative as you move toward your wedding day. Again, congratulations!


A wedding ceremony that takes place in a church is more than a legal contract. It is a worshipful celebration that makes a statement before God and the congregation that the couple desires their marriage to honor and be blessed by God. At CVC we believe God ordained marriage between a man and a woman as their gender was determined at birth.

Reserving the Church

Those who are members or regular attenders may reserve the church up to one year in advance. Due to current safe distancing requirements, seating may need to be limited.


It is the couple’s responsibility to contact and schedule a marrying pastor. Elders of CVC have asked the Lead Pastor to perform ceremonies for members only. Other members of the pastoral staff may perform ceremonies for members and regular attenders. The officiating pastor will not attend the reception unless invited to do so. As a general rule, our pastoral staff will not perform ceremonies for those outside the ministry of CVC. Upon request, a pastor from another church may be used with prior approval from our ministry staff.

Facility Coordinators

Our facility coordinators will answer questions about our facility, help you with selection of church equipment you may want to use, and make suggestions for decorations. Shortly after you reserve the church, you will want to make arrangements for a “walk through” of the facility and seek answers to any questions you may have.

Musical and Technical Needs

You may choose special live vocal and/or instrumental music for your wedding. Choosing and contacting the musicians and sound technicians is the couple’s responsibility. These arrangements should be made at least six months prior to your wedding.

Departure Tradition

Bubbles, rose petals or helium balloons may be released on the couple’s departure. Rice, bird seed, and sparklers are not permitted on the church property.


The Lower Level of our facility is available with a seating capacity of approximately 200 people. Our custodial staff will set up/tear down the tables and chairs. Decorations are the couple’s responsibility. Saturday receptions must be concluded by 9pm to allow time to prepare for Sunday services.


The rehearsal is typically held the night before the wedding and lasts about an hour. Participation in the rehearsal will help to ensure that your wedding ceremony goes smoothly. Please be sure to contact all participants of the wedding and all family members who will be taking part. Remember to notify the sound technician and musicians of the time of the rehearsal.

Decorations / Seasonal Decorations

Lighted candles (other than for a unity candle arrangement) are not permitted in the Worship Center or Lower Level reception area.

During the month of December, the Worship Center and foyer will be decorated for Christmas. Weddings held during this time must use, but may add to, the existing decorations.

Photography / Videography

The focus of the wedding should be on the ceremony, not the photographer. Photographers are encouraged not to use flash during the ceremony and to be unobtrusive. Videotaping equipment should be set up in a stationary location to one side.

Marriage License

The couple must secure a marriage license prior to the rehearsal. Contact any Ohio county courthouse for more information. Ceremonies cannot be performed without this license.

Before You Say “I Do”

The purpose of Before “I Do” is to help reveal and reflect the heart of Christ within marriage. We seek to inform you of the practicalities of your commitment, equip you to fulfill that commitment, and establish a healthy relationship that will last a lifetime.

You will also participate in the Prepare/Enrich assessment (an online relationship assessment and feedback process) which will help put you on a path toward lifelong relationship growth by discovering ways to open up doors for communication and intimacy.

Couples who are being married at CVC or by a CVC pastor are required to complete this 7-week class. This class is offered twice a year, in the Spring and again in the Fall, on Saturday mornings.

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