Long Story Short – Write Your Four Minute Story, Part One

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Let’s work on writing our own “Long Story Short”. Our teaching team is going to guide us through how to write our story over the coming weeks of this series. The goal of writing our story is to share it with others!

Week One focus – CREATION – Your Background and God Awareness

First, share a few positive details about your life. Since you were created in the image of our God, you experienced Him and His goodness in a variety of ways. You might share a little about your family of origin. You might share about the hopes and dreams you had for your life.

Questions to answer that can shape this part of your story:

What brought you joy?

What contributions did you hope to make?

What career path did you hope to follow?

What was your faith or church background?

What spiritual beliefs did you hold?

What spiritual experiences may you have had that caused you to be aware of God or feel close to God?

Before knowing Christ, how would you have answered the questions of where you came from and why are you here?

Craft this part of your story this week. Practice it, tell it. We will build it each week.

Remember what Pastor Chad said in his week one message: My identity and purpose come from the One who made me and loves me.