Additional Resources on the Resurrection


Hello CVC! 

Last week the topic of the message was on the resurrection. How you answer the question, “Did Christ rise again?” determines your personal belief system. If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, Paul says that you should not live like a Christian. 

This is why understanding why you believe what you believe is so important. Here is a list of resources that you can use to investigate the truth of the resurrection. If you believe in the resurrection, then use these resources to bolster your faith. If you do not yet believe, I invite you to investigate why you don’t believe, and God will reveal himself to you.  

Pastor Josh 

Scholars of the Resurrection: 

  • Gary Habermas 
  • NT Wright 
  • Mike Licona 
  • William Lane Craig 
  • JP Moreland 


Matt Perman, “Historical Evidence for the Resurrection,” Desiring God. 

Brittany Yesudasan, “Is There Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection?”, CRU. 

Neil Shenvi, “4 Points of Evidence for the Resurrection” Crossway. 

Murray Smith, “History’s Biggest Hoax? The Question of the Resurrection”, The Gospel Coalition. 


William Lane Craig, Did the Resurrection Happen?, The Veritas Forum. 

Gary Habermas, A Historian Explains Evidence for the Resurrection, Capturing Christianity. 

Lee Strobel, Why Do We Believe in the Resurrection? 

Theodore Cabal, What are the Proofs for the Resurrection? 


Gary Habermas and Anthony Flew, Did the Resurrection Happen? 2009. 

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