Exodus 13 Sermon Notes



The Israelites were Freed from bondage of slavery to:

  1. HONOR Him – Exodus 13:1-2, 11-16.
  2. WORSHIP Him –  Exodus 13:3 – 10
  3. TRUST Him –  Exodus 13:17-22


  • Following the events of the last plague with the death of all the first born of human and animal and the Israelites exit from Egypt, God is calling them to consecrate all the first born to Him.
  • Consecrate is a word that means “SET APART” from common use to sacred use. The foundation of this duty to honor the Lord is based on the mercy and grace that the Israelites received when they were in Egypt.
  • God is asking for the first and the best from the Israelites.
  • It is therefore considered to be a token of gratitude considering all that the Lord has done, who by His special mercy, spared them.
  • The Lord gave further instructions for All the first-born male that open the womb including all clean animal but that of unclean animals shall be redeemed.


  • Yahweh is beginning to set up a new relationship with His people. For over 400 years, they possibly have assimilated to a lot of the African culture and religion in Egypt.
  • God is setting up how He would want them to begin a process of worship by clearing the home of all leaven or yeast in the home.
  • The Lord set up the feast of the unleavened bread. Exodus 12: 14 – 20 gave initial detailed information about the unleavened bread feast.
  • It is a 7-day feast immediately from Passover and there would be a holy assembly unto the Lord on the first day and also on the 7th day. Prior to these seven days period, every Hebrew family must have the home completely swept clean from any leaven or yeast.
  • There must not be a trace of a leaven in any home in order to worship God as ordained the Yahweh and with pure and holy conscience towards God.
  • The first day of Unleavened bread is when they sacrifice the Passover lamb (Matthew 26: 17; Mk 14: 12
  • This is to be passed on from generation to generation. Again, Yahweh is very concern about our children being educated and instructed in the things of the Lord.


  • The shorter, quicker route is not the preferred route by God’s providence….. it is the longer route, by way of wilderness with little or no shelter and water and by the red sea that we will soon learn about soon.
  • God sees what they could not see.
  • He knew the Philistines were warriors, courageous and bold people.
  • The Israelites at this time are not prepared for war, fearful if Pharaoh and the Egyptians would still catch up with them, tired, broken hearted and a cowardly disposition as a result of long servitude in slavery.

There are possibly other reasons while the Lord led them the longer route. Could that include to:

  • Increase their trust in Yahweh?
  • Rid them of Egypt and all its influence in their life.
  • Humble them, try them, and prove them as His own?
  • Wilderness solitude.
  • Seeing the final destruction of Pharaoh and his armies?
  • Seeing miracles upon miracles of God’s love, mercy, and providence for them?

Bones of Joseph – Joseph made them swear in Genesis 50:25. It’s a reminder of God’s faithfulness and promise.

Miracles of Pillar of cloud and of fire – GPS (God’s Positioning System) – Leading them, shielding them, protecting them, covering them, guiding them, keeping them warn and sheltering them from intense sun.

Take Home: God saved  us to make Himself known and to serve Him.