Exodus 7:1-13 Sermon Notes


CVC Elder Kyle Gustafson

Comparison of texts:

Reference and ConceptLinked references
Exodus 6:28-30 (“I am of unclean lips”)Exodus 6:10-13
Exodus 7:1 (“Make you like God”)Exodus 4:16
Exodus 7:3 (“Harden Pharoah’s heart”)Exodus 3:19, 4:21
Exodus 7:4 (“Great acts of Judgement”)Exodus 3:20, Exodus 4: 1-9, Exodus 6:6
Exodus 7:5 (“Knowing the LORD”)Exodus 5:2, Exodus 6:7

Three things we know about God:

  1. God is good.
  2. God is just.
  3. God is all knowing.

God knows the human heart. (Jeremiah 17:10)

God knows the outcome. (Exodus 3:19)

Three themes in this passage:

  1. Story is about God and Pharoah
  2. Pharoah will reject God
  3. God desires to be known

“The strengthening of Pharaoh’s heart is not about making him act contrary to his own will. Rather, it is the reverse; it is about giving him the boldness or courage to do what he most desires… Whereas the various signs point to YHWH’s true identity and implicitly indicate how Pharaoh should respond, Pharaoh consistently refuses to recognize YHWH’s authority. This is, from beginning to end, his choice. Ironically, YHWH actually helps Pharaoh fulfil his desire to remain in control of the Israelites. When God stiffens Pharaoh’s heart, he merely strengthens the king’s resolve to do what he has already chosen to do.”

T. Desmond Alexander