Spoken Word

A BIG thanks to Marlon Johnson, for his performance of spoken word at Easter services

A BIG thanks to Marlon Johnson, Cuyahoga Valley Church attender, for his performance of spoken word at the 11AM and 12:30PM Easter services.

Hands extended head indented.
Four  nice scars nails imprinted.
Sides got slit pure blood dripped that was all before he uttered it’s finished.
You might ask what was that for? since you ask though…
He had plans and we were all in it.

So He marched up Calvary hill with no limits.
Was hit with bricks and people continued to spitting.
But  once He got there, it did not stop there.
He was killed and thrown in the tomb that they rented.
They were so happy that they started grinning.
But in a little while He’ll be back with no linen.

1 day….  Come on…. 2 days…. Come on…. the 3rd day
He got up and built a bridge so we can go home.
He is the gift and the blessing  for you and I to make it into heaven.
Accept that and that’s it. It’s no questions
Believers get it, redeemers get it those that fell away you can get it,
Regardless of your background,
You now restored with this new life because death and resurrection.

Today we come to celebrate and worship,
understanding we as a community has became less relied on our independence,
but see that our life source is connected to God dependence.
For we are the living truth, designed to link generations,
put to the tools together that equip leaders to be a living missionally focus.
This is what this day means this is what forever means forever we are free forever we are loved,

Forever we are forgiven, forever, forever, forever!