30 Days of Prayer

So, in 2019, who’s your one?

by Chad Allen, Cuyahoga Valley Church Lead Pastor

We’ve been encouraged by the stories we’ve heard from those participating in the 21 days of prayer this month.

I’m learned this over the years, whenever God gets glory, we get good.
Spotlight God.
I’ve been around pastors long enough to know that we pastors like to talk about numbers. “We count people because people count!“ “If God didn’t care about numbers then why is one of the books of the Bible titled Numbers?“ The question I sometimes hear from other pastors who visit our building is, “How many can you seat in your auditorium? How many services do you have each weekend?“ we seem to be fixated on the numbers. And the bigger, the better.
But a number that seems to impress Jesus is the number one. He tells a story right here in the book of Luke about a shepherd who had 100 sheep. 99 were accounted for. But he was so focused on that one, that he left the 99 to go find the one.
There will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance. Luke 15:7
So, in 2019, who’s your one? Who do you know who is paralyzed in someway – spiritually, emotionally, relationally, psychologically – and you will make it your aim to do whatever it takes to get that one person to Jesus this year?
I have my one. Who is yours?
Thousands of churches throughout North America are joining together for a “Who’s Your One?” emphasis.

It doesn’t matter how many buildings we construct, churches we plant or sermons we preach if we’re not intent on doing everything so that lost men, women and children will experience the transforming work of God.