Additional Resources from Pastor Josh’s message


This past Sunday, Pastor Josh spoke on the topic of Biblical Sexuality. In case you missed it, here is a link to that message. We wanted to offer some additional resources for further study.

Here is a companion study guide to go along with that message if you’d like to dig into the topic some more in your personal devotion time or with a small group of friends.

Pastor Josh shared about God’s expectations of how we are to use our sexuality. He acknowledged that many people might feel broken beyond repair in this area. He shared the story of Jazz Pianist Keith Jarrett who arrived for a concert in Germany only to find that the piano he was to use for a concert was in terrible shape. Rather than giving up, he forged ahead and the outcome was the best-selling solo piano album of all time.

Listen to Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert on Spotify:

Pastor Josh also referenced several individuals who have experienced same-sex attraction and yet have remained devoted to Christ.

Christopher Yuan

Jackie Hill Perry

Sam Allberry

Rosaria Butterfield