Be Encouraged


by Cuyahoga Valley Church

As we focus on being Encouraged this summer we wanted to share some encouragement from a dear friend of Lynne Robie who lives in New Jersey.

“I visit New Jersey, my home state, a few times a year. The last time I was there my friend and I were discussing the power of prayer.  I shared with her about the prayer room at Cuyahoga Valley Church and how it is used and what it has meant to me.  I told her about the prayer warriors that meet in there and pray.

Last week I spoke with my friend and she told me she was so inspired by the prayer room and that she went to her church leader and requested the same for her church.

I am so delighted to say that she is now heading up the creation of a prayer room.  Another woman at her church is in the process of recruiting pray warriors to meet in their prayer room.  An eagle Scout in her church has made it his Eagle Scout project to build a mailbox outside of their church specifically to leave prayer requests in for not only the congregation, but those that may be passing by.

My friend requested pictures of our prayer room to give her ideas of what she can do with her prayer room.  I shared with her that we have people who spend their time in the prayer room during each service, praying over the pastor, the worship team, the message and the people receiving the message.

I also told her about, Live New 10/24, when we wrote names on cards and hung them up in the prayer room to be prayed over.  These were new concepts to her that she was extremely excited about.  She was so thankful, appreciative, inspired and ENCOURAGED by all I shared with her.

Thank you for providing an opportunity and place to pray which provided me with an opportunity to share and encourage my friend.

Please know that in Milltown, New Jersey, there is a prayer room being created and prayer warriors being recruited because of the prayer room and prayer warriors that exist at Cuyahoga Valley Church.

Praise God for he is truly good.”