Brokenhearted but Bold


by Chad Allen, Lead Pastor

People are cracking under the pressure of isolation.  Marriages are strained under the pressure of COVID-life.  Disunity and division have increased over COVID mandates, racial unrest, and political opinions.   We have all witnessed increased and unfruitful toxic words, posts, and silent treatment.  And people–both those who are part of our flock and those we are trying to reach–are found not only on one extreme side or the other on issues, but in the middle.  In the middle a person is usually experiencing fear, agitation, lethargy, confusion and some degree of spiritual, emotional, mental and relational paralysis.  This breaks our hearts.

And yet…God still reigns from His throne!  The living truth of His Word is just as powerful and potent today as it has been for thousands of years! And His Spirit is just as involved and able to empower us as He has been since He hovered over the waters of creation, moved in His people in the Old Testament, and fell upon our brothers and sisters of the faith on Pentecost igniting and filling the church to do His Work!  This emboldens us.

Brokenhearted and bold.  Brokenhearted boldness. What a great pairing of God to empower us and motivate us to be the beloved children, self feeders, servants, investors, disciplers and missionaries God has called us to be.  

With that as a backdrop, I recommend to you this great post from John Piper on this topic.  May it refresh your desire and ability to be bold and loving, brokenhearted and hopeful during this strange time in the world.