Celebrating Linked Generations


photoby Jane Rutti

The newly-installed cross hanging above the CVC foyer bannister is a work of the heart from the team at Poelking Carpentry, in particular the father/son combo of John and Nick Poelking.

Nick (son) came up with the concept—the segmented, reclaimed wood look.

John (Dad) poured his carpentry skills into this work, realizing this style would attract all generations—especially young people—to Jesus.

The cross speaks a different language to the generations; but it’s all about Jesus.

Some facts about the wood used in this cross:

Vertical Mast Beam
This beam was found in a Concord, Ohio area barn that was 130 years old. The heartwood from this beam was to be exposed. When the log was cut, it turned out to be ash, so a special saw was needed. It exhibited 170 rings—annual growth rings—dating primitive growth back to 1700.

The Cross Beam
This came from a log found in a barn outside of Columbus that was over 100 years old.

The Back Drop
Came from the floor of same barn as the cross beam.

Thank you John, Nick and the entire Poelking Carpentry Team! You guys bless this church family!