Extraordinary Through Ordinary


I have been recently thinking about revival. I have been burdened to pray and seek the One that sends revival to His church. Let one of my teachers, Richard Owen Roberts, teach you on this important matter:

“God has given gifts to men according to his own will and purpose. Ordinary gifts, exercised by ordinary men, produce ordinary results. The whole body of Christ relies upon these ordinary results. By these ordinary results the Church moves forward from generation to generation.”

Occasionally, however, God Himself has taken ordinary men through their ordinary efforts, and has moved in an extraordinary fashion to produce truly extraordinary results. Pentecost was one of these occasions. Those who gathered in the Upper Room were people like us. They prayed as we pray. They waited on God as many of today’s Christians have waited on God. But God met them in a marvelous fashion, changing their feeble efforts into a mighty movement which turned the world upside down.”

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