Living New in the Voice of Truth – Part 2


By Leigh-Ann Brisbin

The good news is God never stops pursuing us to show us His truth.  In Genesis 3:8 the man and woman hid and were ashamed of their nakedness. Later, God calls out to them, “Where are you? and Who told you that you were naked?”  We know by the glory of God that we aren’t left in our sin.

Redemption comes through Christ who sets us free. What love from the Father!! How do we hear the still small voice of God consistently and clearly over all the other voices in our head and respond in obedience? It isn’t like walking a tight rope of right or wrong and hoping we get it right, but rather basking in the presence of God as he speaks to us.

  1. Pray: Ask & Seek –  Begin by listening. “Lord help me to hear you. Bind anything that is of the enemy, of my flesh or distorted truth from others. Search and seek my heart and reveal any lies I have been believing or anything that has not been of you. Help me to remember your word and show me your truth. Amen”.
  2. Know His Word – Does the voice you are hearing match up with what the bible says? His design for us that has been clearly stated in his word– not a distortion of His word, not worldly perspective or focus of His word, not compromising the image of God
  3. Is it for our good and His glory? –  Trust in the sovereignty of God our SAVIOR! His ways and His plans are perfect even if we don’t understand them!!

God’s desire is for us to live in the freedom of his truth. Confess and repent of any lie you have been believing and ask God to show you clearly who He is and His unconditional love for you. Choose to live new in the voice of truth!