Long Story Short – Write Your Four Minute Story, Part Four


We’re completing the work to write our own “Long Story Short”. The goal of writing our story is to share it with others. Remember: Effective communication is clear, concise, and compelling. Sharing your story should in total take 3-4 minutes. That’s between 500 and 700 words. These weekly guides will help you craft and capture the four segments of your story of faith in Christ.

Today’s Focus: RESTORATION – How would you describe your new identity and your new life in Christ?

Who are you now after you received Christ? What transformation have you experienced since coming to faith in Christ? What happened inside of you when you received Christ? How and why did your attitudes and actions begin to change? What have you noticed about yourself since you received Christ? How has your life changed? When did you notice that change? How are your life motivations different now? How does knowing you are forgiven help you each day? How does the promised hope of heaven motivate you to live your life now?

State how Jesus is filling your deep inner needs and redeeming you from your brokenness. In the previous section, you expressed your needs and how you tried unsuccessfully to meet them. You now want to briefly show the difference that Jesus has made in your life. Shine the spotlight on Jesus and showcase His life-transforming power.

As you wrap up your story, if there is a particular verse that captures your conversion experience, or if you have a particular life verse, this would be a good place to share it.