Long Story Short – Write Your Four Minute Story, Part Three


We’re continuing our work to write our own “Long Story Short”. The goal of writing our story is to share it with others. Remember: Effective communication is clear, concise, and compelling. Sharing your story should in total take 3-4 minutes. That’s between 500 and 700 words. These weekly guides will help you craft and capture the four segments of your story of faith in Christ.

Today’s Focus: RESCUE – How did you meet Jesus and come to understand the Gospel?

What were your struggles just before you received Christ? When and how did you first truly understand the story about Jesus? State specifically the steps you took to become a follower of Jesus. What people did God use to draw you to Him? What event or location were you in when you put your faith in Christ?

Make sure to share the truth of the Gospel. Communicate:

  1. That you understood that you have disobeyed God.
  2. That you understood that you were a sinner.
  3. That you embraced the fact that you did not deserve His forgiveness.
  4. That you realized that Jesus died on the cross in your place to forgive You.
  5. That you received Jesus as your Forgiver and Leader.

Remember that it’s the Gospel that has the power to change lives. (See Romans 1:16.) So, again, include how you came to understand that Jesus came, that He died on the cross in your place to save you, and that He rose again.

You likely cannot remember exactly what you prayed when you received Christ. But sharing a few words about how you prayed (what you may have said in your prayer) might encourage someone else to express their faith in a similar way.