Love Your Neighbor #4


by the CVC Leadership Team

  • Be sensitive and aware of the obvious needs in your neighbors (see pp. 22-27 in the CVC LifeHouses guide).
  • Offer to do some grocery shopping for your neighbors
  • Rake leaves/shovel snow/pick up sticks in a neighbor’s yard
  • Offer a date night to busy parents in your neighborhood, and watch their kids

“Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ What if we did more than just wave as we drive in and dirve out, as we work in the yard, as we get the mail? What if we did more than sometimes ask, ‘How are you?’

To truly love our neighbors, we must be willing to serve them by looking out for their own good as we would want to be looked out for.”

(LifeHouses Guide Book – available for all at the information table in the foyer)