Mark Your Calendar


By Jane Rutti, Executive Team Project Manager

No one has to look very far to hear about or be asked to be a part of an event, whether it’s our family, work-related, maybe social—there are plenty. And at Cuyahoga Valley Church, events are the norm as well.

So why would CVC ‘join the fray’ of sponsoring and hosting events when there are so many others competing for people’s time and attention?

New life in Christ—it’s just that simple. CVC does events because we are about all people experiencing new life in Christ. And while this new life opportunity is available through Sunday services and LifeGroups, there are just too many people who will not take their first step toward God by attending a worship service, much less a LifeGroup.

But if these same people have opportunity to engage CVC outside the context of Sunday worship by being invited to an event, a great experience could lead them to attend a service or to tune in on-line. When they do, the message they hear may bring them into a knowledge and relationship with God they have never had before. God’s Spirit will determine that.

And for those of us in relationship with Christ, CVC events give us opportunity to embrace our new life by first taking initiative to extend a personal invitation; then by serving, investing in, and reflecting caring community to the people who participate, giving them an excellent event experience.

And God is glorified. And people take steps toward new life in Christ. And lives are changed.

For more information about upcoming events at CVC, check out our “Special Events” tab from the home page of our website.