Mexico, Africa, and El Salvador


by Dahlia Orth, Cuyahoga Valley Church–Missions Coordinator

This month, we had the privilege of having 3 sets of missionaries with us that were raised at Cuyahoga Valley Church. Each person has accomplished different things for the Kingdom in different parts of the world. Here is a snapshot of each missionary and how God uses them to radically impact the Kingdom of God.  

From right to left: Eric Kramer, Ron & Jo Cleveland, Rachel Klubnik

Eric Kramer
A few weeks ago we posted about Eric and his ministry with Mexico Medical Missions. He was a Cuyahoga Valley Church attender and God called him to the mission field to serve the Tarahumara people in Samachique, Mexico. Eric and his wife, Sheena serve the people and community there through a variety of different felt needs, the primary one being medical care.

Eric is an anesthesiologist but they recently came back to the states for him to complete schooling in family medicine. They plan to return to the mission field in 2018 with the hopes of opening their own clinic in the future to have further Kingdom impact to the Tarahumara people.

Ron and Jo Cleveland
Ron and Jo have been here at Cuyahoga Valley Church for the last 30 years. They started the Ghana Medical Clinic that God has used to reach the Nzema people in Ghana, Africa. They have mobilized many teams through Cuyahoga Valley Church to provide medical care and have helped develop church plants in Ghana. Ron and Jo have raised missionaries and equipped leaders to continue the work that is happening in Ghana for years to come. In a few short weeks, they will be moving and they have equipped Kyle and Amy Gustafson to lead the efforts in Ghana moving forward. Even though Ron and Jo will be moving soon, the will continue to be involved with the ministry taking place in Ghana. 

Rachel Klubnik
Rachel grew up at Cuyahoga Valley Church. When she was 14 she started traveling to El Salvador. God used her time there to burden her heart to develop a children’s home in El Salvador. She started Love and Hope Children’s home and has ministered to over 35 children. Her and her husband, Justin, are currently living in El Salvador full time at Love and Hope. Additionally, they have started a transition home for the kids who have graduated from Love and Hope Children’s home  to provide support to them throughout their time in college.  

God’s Faithfulness
When I sit back and reflected on the ways God has used and continues to use these people for His Kingdom, I marveled at his faithfulness. I was energized and encouraged by their stories and I hope you are too.

How might God be using you to impact His Kingdom?
Is God calling you to go serve on mission somewhere?

Seek the Lord and His leading. Be a Lifehouse, serve in our city, or check out the mission trips at Cuyahoga Valley Church. What a great joy it is to serve alongside of one another and see God’s faithfulness through our efforts!