National Day of Prayer

persons right hand doing peace sign

Prayer Guide for Thursday, May 4, 2023


1 Timothy 2:1-4

Romans 13:1-7

  • Provide leaders with wise and godly counselors who will provide honest wisdom and encouragement.
  • Well up humility in the hearts of leaders to make apologies or adjustments when these things are necessary.
  • Lord, pour out a spirit of cooperation between elected leaders.
  • Break down the barriers that are built up by selfish ambition for personal power.
  • Safeguard the marriages and families of elected leaders who spend large portions of time away from home.
  • God, give leaders clarity to know what issues are most important to dedicate their time toward.
  • Soften the hearts of leaders to hear and understand the needs of the communities they serve.
  • Bring a spirit of harmony and righteousness among the staff members who work to support each elected leader.
  • Protect leaders from falling into temptations of bribes, unfaithfulness or straying from what they know is right. Lord, protect them from the plots of evil to stand for what You have established.


2 Chronicles 32:6-8

John 14:27

  • Pray for the leaders to make wise and righteous decisions based on Biblical principles.
  • Lord, help all military personnel see You working in their daily lives.
  • Remove stigmas for seeking medical attention for mental and physical needs.
  • God, hold the families of service members close, and may they look to You for the strength and peace.
  • Comfort the spouses who are separated due to military jobs—keep these marriages strong.
  • Move service members to seek the Lord and family for comfort, rather than overuse of substances.


Philippians 4:8

Proverbs 8:8-11

  • Lord, encourage the believers who are called to use their creative gifts to glorify You in culture.
  • Give creativity for artists to create entertainment that point towards Your redemptive plan for humanity.
  • Guide news professionals to seek truth and to present the issues of the day clearly and honestly.
  • Strengthen the Christians in these spheres to boldly stand for Biblical truth in the writer’s rooms, board meetings and creative processes.


Exodus 31:3-4

Psalm 112:5

  • May each business leader be of great character, integrity, and humility.
  • Lord, raise up a workforce that is filled with a spirit of excellence and unity in all they do.
  • May the gifts of the work of their hands be a great blessing to each family and community.
  • Father, open the hearts of business leaders to be soul-searching, to cast out any greed, selfish ambition and idols and lay them on the altar of repentance.
  • Give shift leaders the hearts to be genuinely concerned with the overall wellbeing of their workers.


Proverbs 2:3-6

Deuteronomy 6:6-7

  • Father, Stir the hearts of parents to take an active role in the academic, spiritual, and emotional formation of their children.
  • God, guide school boards to be wise in choosing curriculums that uphold the truth of the Word.
  • Give Christian parents a missionary mindset to minister to teachers in their children’s lives.
  • Lord, draw near to teachers in the classroom and teach them to rely on the Holy Spirit throughout the day rather than their own strength.
  • Set young people free from the hopelessness, despair, depression, anxiety, and loneliness.
  • Bless teachers with an outpouring of grace and endurance of such magnitude it overflows onto their students, their schools, and their communities.
  • Turn the hearts of students to see their worth and value in their Creator and Savior, rather than test scores, athletic performance or social media following.
  • Pour out discernment on older students and their parents to know what path You have for them transitioning into adulthood.


Colossians 2:6-8

Romans 12:4-5

  • God, use Your Church as a beacon of light and joy to a world that is searching for answers.
  • Jesus, give your pastors keen wisdom and insight that is in tune with your Spirit so they would never lose sight of the mission of Your Church.
  • Lord, open hearts in the church to care for people outside the church, to be praying for them and to become visibly and tangibly concerned and helping them in needs and struggles.
  • Bring a focus for exalting You above all else, to pastors, church staff, volunteers and lay leaders.
  • Stir the Holy Spirit among the body to actively participate in discipling one another in Scripture.
  • Father, burden the Church with urgency to share the Gospel with passion and the power of the Spirit.
  • Remind us to eagerly look for ways to use our time, talents, and treasures to build up the Body of Christ.


Ephesians 6:4

Proverbs 1:8-9

  • Wisdom in choosing a spouse; to be equally yoked together in faith.
  • Grant us humility, and with that humility bring stability and peace to families.
  • Give husbands and wives the grace to consider each other before self.
  • Endurance for single parents or grandparents stepping in as parents.
  • Comfort for families moving forward through grief.
  • Strengthen families who also serve as caretakers for medically fragile family members.
  • Give empty-nest parents comfort in transition and the vision to grasp their new role as full-time intercessors for adult kids.
  • Harmony in blended families.
  • Create a means of escape and healing from harmful family dynamics.