Old Songs and Sweet Aromas


browniesby Greta Smith, Administrative Assistant, Community Life

One of my take-aways from a recent women’s conference was the speaker’s encouragement for us to “choose to be remembered for how you lived”. The speaker went on to say that for many years, she has worn the same fragrance. Whenever family members encounter that fragrance somewhere, their minds always go straight to her. Her words made me smile for several reasons:

  • My precious mom-in-law. She will always be remembered for her loving and joyful heart, mouth-watering cooking skills, and her gift of being “unintentionally hilarious”, as one family member quipped at Mom’s recent funeral. (Proverbs 31:25-28)
  • My maternal grandparents. Remember that old Thanksgiving song, “Over the River and Through the Woods”…. “to Grandmother’s house we go”? Those many Thanksgiving holidays at my grandparents’ farm were the best holidays EVER in my formative years, and to this day the family still agrees. My grandma was “famous” for her pies especially, but my goodness, the wonderful aromas that filled that big old farmhouse, while the women bustled about in the kitchens (yes, there were two kitchens in that big old house!) and set the tables with china, crystal, and linens, and of course the men either talked politics or snoozed in front of the TV….and don’t forget the kids sneaking tastes of this and that before dinner. (Proverbs 31:15) Dancing with my dad in the living room was always big fun. A Norman Rockwell painting, for sure. Those were truly Thanksgiving Days to remember….and we do, each and every Thanksgiving holiday.

The small stuff, the little things in life, are oftentimes those of which the biggest memories are made. As we’re once again moving into the season of Thanksgiving, I’m so grateful for those “good old days” and the grandparents and mom-in-law who left such an imprint on my heart and in my life. Over the years the family has changed dramatically, but the memories remain.

How can I make those kinds of memories in someone’s life?

My sweet little great-nephews (ages 4 and 1) live out of state, and with everyone’s crazy busy-ness, visits are rare. But a couple of years ago, I had decided that, even though these little guys would not know me well, I would be the auntie who always made them brownies. The 4 year old looks for them; the 1 year old will too, eventually. And when I see them in a few weeks, Auntie’s brownies will be waiting for them.

How can YOU make those kinds of memories in someone’s life? How will you be remembered for how you lived?