SONG OF THE WEEK: So Will I (100 Billion X) – Hillsong United


by Kevin Lorow, Cuyahoga Valley Church Worship Arts Assistant

SONG OF THE WEEK: So Will I (100 Billion X) – Hillsong United


“God of creation; there at the start before the beginning of time. With no point of reference You spoke to the dark and fleshed out the wonder of light.”

This song off Hillsong’s 2017 Wonder is truly a beautiful one. While being jam-packed with lyrics, they are all phrased so tastefully and help point us to the divinely elegant nature of God’s work in Creation and in us.

From start to finish, So Will I touches on so many important parts of the Gospel. Consider the words above. In Genesis we see the story of how God created the world. He did this without a handbook, guide, or even an example. He created time and light out of nothing. This verse goes on to say how “in the vapor of God’s breath” Creation is made. This refers to how Genesis tells us that God created by breathing out. His very words and breath brought all things into existence. “I can see Your heart in everything you’ve made” refers us to how God has created to demonstrate to us who He is. To show us His heart! It’s referred to later in the song “If it all reveals Your nature so will I. I can see Your heart in everything You say. Every painted sky a canvas of Your grace” God’s creation screams out His character and goodness! This is why in Romans 1 Paul condemns unbelievers saying that they are “without excuse” because God can be seen simply by His handiwork! God’s wonderful Creation is a testimony of who He is.

Recognizing that God has created all things for His glory is great. But if we fail to join in on that, we’ve missed the boat. In Luke 19 Jesus tells the Pharisees that if others don’t declare his praises than the very rocks will shout them out! We must join in with the song of Creation! The Bridge of the song builds us to that emotional response! We must sing out His praises, because what He deserves can never be reached! Our praises will always “fall shy” of the mark, perhaps that is why we’ll spend all of eternity declaring them!

After this joyous declaration of our devotion in response to God’s worthiness, the song calls us to the imagery of the cross and Jesus’ sacrifice there. The words of the song speak for themselves here: “God of salvation, You chased down my heart through all of my failure and pride. On a hill You created the light of the world abandoned in darkness to die.” God has never given up on us, despite our provision of many reasons why He should. To reach us with His salvation, he came and died on a hill that He made. On a cross made of wood that He designed. Shoved into the dirt that He spoke into existence. Feeling the breeze that He had invented, He suffered, bled and died in our place.

What a breathtaking communication of the Gospel, the Savior’s love for us, and the beautiful purpose of His creation. The song ends with a reminder that our God is one who never abandons us. Who “never leaves the one behind.” Each person on earth has intrinsic value because God has created them to display His character, and saw fit to send His Son that through His sacrifice they might be redeemed. May we view people as God views them, and call them to repentance that they might live in Jesus’ saving grace.