SONG OF THE WEEK: Tremble – Mosaic MSC


by Kevin Lorow, Cuyahoga Valley Church Worship Arts Assistant

SONG OF THE WEEK: Tremble – Mosaic MSC


“Your name is a Light that the shadows can’t deny.”

The name of our Lord is a powerful one. We’re told in Scripture that demons tremble at His name and the darkness flees at His presence. There is great evil in this world that wants to destroy and corrupt all that is lovely. When we consider these things and see them in the world around us, it can be overwhelming. We grow fearful, anxious and insecure. But Jesus’ name is stronger than the darkness. It casts out darkness. This song is an anthem to the power of Jesus name, we love to declare the goodness of our Savior’s might!

Check out some words from Mosaic MSC about the song:
Luke 1:78-79 tells us: “God’s mercy will shine on those living in darkness and…guide our feet to the path of peace.” We are reminded that even in our deepest moments of sorrow, God’s mercy is strong enough to permeate the darkness and guide us into peace. When you feel confronted with darkness inside of you, remember that God’s light is bright and strong enough to illuminate every corner of the night.

Let us take heart in knowing that the God we serve is incomparable and unconquerable. His light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can neither comprehend it or overcome it. May we rest in His perfect saving grace.