searsby Greta Smith, Administrative Assistant of Community Life

It’s fun to sit around with friends and family and have a good laugh about favorite gifts we’ve received for Christmas over the years, isn’t it? If you haven’t done this lately, think about making that an “ice breaker” at your Christmas gatherings this season. What would you come up with? The childhood bike you wanted more than anything? The diamond ring and marriage proposal? The “Big Reveal” of the gender of the first grandchild?

Rewind to the late 1950s. My little 4- or 5-year old feet couldn’t run fast enough toward the best gift ever that didn’t even fit under the tree…..a Sears Fiberboard Play Kitchen. ($16 for the whole set. I looked it up recently.) Pink with red handles and knobs—it was SO pretty, and very useful for cooking and storing all the plastic food items that came with it. Many hours of my very young life were spent in the basement, playing with that pink kitchen, which also opened the door to my love of cooking and baking today.

Fast forward a bit to the late 1960s when under the tree there was a “record player” with built-in speakers so that we could loudly play our 45s and 33-1/3s. It even folded up like a briefcase for easy transport to friends’ homes. Way cool. That was just the best gift ever.

But wait! There’s more! What about year 2001 when a totally unexpected KitchenAid Stand Mixer showed up under the tree! Refer to earlier comments about my love of cooking and baking, and you’ll know how happy I was…and still am.

But in all the hustle and bustle of giving and receiving the best gifts, let us never forget the Most Perfect Gift Ever. Love came down. That precious little baby who was born in such humble conditions, did not have a place to call ‘home’ as an adult, and died a horrendous death….so that those who believe in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. He stands at the door and knocks—the most perfect Gift waiting to be received, opened, and accepted as the best Gift ever received. Eternal Life. Heaven awaits.

It’s my very favorite thing. The Most Perfect Gift Ever.

To whom will you offer this Gift this Christmas?