Wisdom of Age and Optimism of Youth


By Pastor Josh StoneYouth

One of our values at Cuyahoga Valley Church is “Linked Generations.”  It’s something we see throughout the Bible, but is something that is  continually difficult in our culture.  I recently went on a men’s LifeGroup Leaders Equipping Retreat, and many of the men present were much older than the 707 LifeGroup leaders.   Before breakfast, I had a long conversation with a couple of men in their 60’s about some hot button cultural issues.

These men remember a time where our culture was much more supportive of Christianity than it is today.  But the church today is much more inclusive of people who might be struggling with certain sins.  In a way, we see areas of regression and areas of progress for the Church in our culture.  The older men are wise, and younger men are optimistic.  

Without the long perspective of the older men it is easy to get off course quickly, but without the optimism of the younger men we can forget that God is building his Church even now.

The conversation I had with those older men refreshed me, because it encouraged me and challenged them.  If you are in older man or woman, do not be afraid to share with the younger generations your perspective.  But don’t be defeatist, because Christ is coming. If you are a younger man or woman, don’t assume you’re wise.  Learn from the long perspective of those who have come before, and don’t pretend we already have the ballast of aged wisdom.